The Guardian of Why

So ‘um, what happened to January?

Seems like a day ago it was New Year’s Eve and now-bam- it’s nearly the end of the month.  It’s not like I’ve been slacking either.  In fact, just last week the TiE2013 Technology in Education Conference I’ve been organizing since last September happened and was a roaring success.  At least that was the qualitative evaluations, gathered during the conference, attended by 250 educators and administrators, 10 vendors and 2 keynote speakers. Our quantitative evaluations go out this week….another item on the extensive To-Do list, along with the formal De-Briefing Meeting.  But more on that further down.

“Been a little busy”, is all that seems to have come out of my mouth since the holidays.  Anyone who has organized an event [from full-on wedding to baby shower to super bowl party to large scale event] recognizes these words spilling out of their mouths.  So, is being too busy an excuse for not getting other things done? Well, sometimes it actually is. Sometimes you have to hunker-down, focus on the prize and push on thru to the other side. Friends and family have to understand, homes get a little cluttered and you know you will be able to circle back-later, after the event or busy-ness, regroup and pull things together again.


“Be the guardian of the why”


And other times, it’s merely a matter of: setting goals, carefully planning your time [often down to the minute], calling in support, and relaxing into the project or event.  Whoa, wait a minute! Did I just say relax, while on a deadline?  Why yes I did, ‘why’ being the key word here.

When we know ‘why’ we are doing what we are doing….well, ‘the doing’ [i.e. the how and what] becomes much easier. Sure, we can ‘do’ what needs to be done.  However, understanding the ‘why’ and being the guardian of the why, helps propel us into our ‘how’s and what’s’. The ‘Why’ becomes our guide.

And let me tell you, knowing ‘why’ you are doing something really does help.  That’s one of the primary reasons I created The B Calendar.  Each day, gives you a word, a direction, a guide to ‘why’ in becoming an even better you. When you have the clarity of knowing why you are doing what you are doing, it helps raise your self-esteem and brings vision to the what’s and how’s that you are doing.

Sure, we wanted to create a profit for our TiE2013 Conference.  However, the larger ‘why’ involved going thru all the thousands of what’s and how’s tasks and details in order to help teachers and administrators understand why it is important.  Why all students, at all levels,  can and need to use technology to promote their learning. Of course, we had tons of workshops explaining what technologies to use and how to use them….but primarily, we were hoping to get across this more important reason ‘why’.



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