The B Calendar Binding

I had been struggling with a binding method for a project I’ve been working on. I needed something similar to a 3-ring-binder yet, something easier to use. I came across a couple of binding systems implementing discs to hold pages enabled by a special punch.

B Calendar Disc Binding The disc system allows the pages to be inserted [or removed] at any point within the book/journal. The special punch can put the gripping system into any page and allows the creation of any type of book.

Levenger makes a circa notebook system and discs large enough to hold up to 450 pages-which will work for me.

Arc is a similar binding system, offered at Staples, which also uses a disc and punching system to bind pages together.

I am trying both methods to see which one works best for my BCalendar. Here is a prototype I am working on. More to follow.

B Calendar Disc Binding B Calendar Disc Binding



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