Goal Setting

New Beginnings Are In The Little Things

Ah, the New Year….always a great space and a great place to set down goals.  Stake your place in the world and claim what you are going to accomplish.  Boom.  And then come the days of need to actually work at those resolutions, those goals and all the little steps needed to achieve your goals. Depending upon your goals, odds are you might fall off the preverbal goal wagon as early as today.

In order to increase your inspiration, I suggest creating small manageable steps for each of your goals.  Then next to each of the smaller steps make a tiny notation of how long you predict it will take to achieve that step.  Once you know the amount of time a step will take- you can align the step with the time you have to achieve the task. And once you start achieving your steps and goals, you will be inspired to do more.

I also suggest you take a little time and watch a few of these TED Talks to inspire you in achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

Watch this and once you have finished see if you can use just 2 minutes to increase your confidence and feel less stressed.



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