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So, it looks like the competition is fierce to win a spot at Jennifer Lee’s Right Brain Business Plan creativeLIVE Workshop, Jan. 18-20, 2013 in Seattle.   Have a look…

Karen posted this:  @creativeLIVE … #JenniferLIVE …

Rebecca created: Video for Right-Brained Business Plan Workshop @creativeLIVE#JenniferLIVE 

Cathy hopes to meet Jenn and made this: @artizencoaching Hoping to meet author Jennifer Lee at@creativeLIVE Jan 18-20 …#jenniferLIVE

The Eco Diva made this: @createLIVE I hope to attend the super cool workshop in Seattle with #JenniferLIVE …

Anne pulled this together: 2013 Get Out There And Make It Happen With A Business Plan! Here is my first step! … @creativeLIVE#JenniferLIVE

The Bacon Goddess posted this: @creativeLIVE #jenniferLIVE let’s do this! thanks for your consideration! …

Ho’omalamalama Brown made this: @creativeLIVE #JenniferLIVE My YouTube audition to join RBBP in Jan. 2013  @artizencoaching

Fayette tweeted this: @creativeLIVE #jenniferLIVE Would love to be part of the RBBP workshop in Seattle. Here’s my video! 

and Frances made this video: @creativeLIVE a Delight Detective’s video postcard for upcoming RBBP workshop in Seattle. Yes! #JenniferLIVE 



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