I love new beginnings. They feel so fresh, light and primed for change.  It is probably why I live for goal setting sessions and create endless to-do lists. For me, there is nothing more satifying than checking items off my to-do list and reaching my goals.

Ever since I was young, I have always believed that in order to get things done, I needed goals and small steps to reach those goals. And for years this mainstream goal setting method has worked for me. In fact, way back in 2001 I even wrote one of my first online goal setting pieces in Simple Planet called Goal Setting 101. It brought together a simple methodology which I had used for years and which had enabled me to achieve a lot.

Then, this last year, I felt like I was getting things done but not really quite ‘feeling’ how that felt.  I thought I needed to reflect more on my goals and what I was achieving.  So, I spent more time reflecting and during that time I designed The B Calendar with the intention of having a tool that guides and reminds me with positive, inspiring words that prompt me to ‘feel’.  Additionally, I wanted to have a ‘space’ to write my lists, my notes and collect all the crazy little scribbles that tend to gather around my workspace.

As I thought more about The B Calendar, I wondered how to design a calendar that could begin on any day.  So, one could always have fresh, new beginnings say; at the start of a new job, when a baby is born, at the beginning of a marriage, or retirement or any day someone wants to commemorate

And thus, The B Calendar brings all these elements together for the user and can be bound, in numerous ways, so as to be compatible with being as organized and productive as one possibly can ‘B’.




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