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B Calendars reveal 365 suggestions with such variety there are plenty of feelings to explore each and every day.

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Feel like time just slips away?
Looking for a little inspiration?
Want to start defining your days?
Got little notes, snippets of papers and reminders laying around your desk?
Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done?

What if you had one single place for all your notes, inspirations and jottings?  The B Calendar gives you that single place to put your notes and The B Calendar:

  • starts any day you desire. That’s right begin your year today!
  • inspires you with daily words intended to evoke positive feelings.
  • can be personalized with a variety of bindings.
  • delivers directly to you, within 7-10 days.

If you are new to The B Calendar you might be wondering where to start.  I suggest you watch this brief video and find out how The B Calendar will become your new best friend.

The B Calendar is a narrowly-bound daily calendar [4 1/2 ” X 12″] designed to flip a day-at-a-time and lay flat.  Each day invites the viewer to ‘B’ reflective on a positive aspect or virtue.   The B Calendar is currently available printed black on white recycled paper stock and 3-ring bound. Monthly dividers separate each month

Each page offers plenty of space to jot notes, reminders, inspirations, thoughts, To-Do Lists and more.  Order your own B Calendar and start your year today. 



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